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    For millennia, pasta has been a family favorite,
    and has brought many kids to the table.

    However, nowadays, there’s been an enemy
    in our midst. Something we call “gaming” …
    that steals our kids away from the dinner table
    and leaves our pasta bowls cold and uneaten.

    But not anymore, my dear moms, not on our
    watch. At Liamo we understand how important
    family time is, and we’re here to help you
    protect it.

    Which is why our team of
    professional Pasta Assassins
    is ready to help you get your
    kid back to the dinner table for that
    delicious bowl of pasta you
    prepared so lovingly.

    Because, at the end of the day,
    dinner is about family.
    And families do what must be
    done to protect their family time.

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